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The Lord will Keep You from All Evil, He will keep Your Life.
(PSALMS 121:7)
यहोवा सारी विपत्ति से तेरी रक्षा करेगा, वह तेरे प्राण की रक्षा करेगा|
(भजन 121:7)

My Help Comes from the lord, Who Made heaven and Earth.
                                                                                                (PSALMS 121:2)
मुझे सहायता यहोवा की ओर से मिलती है, जो आकाश और पृथ्वी का कर्ता है
                                                                                                 (भजन 121:2)

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Praise the Lord. I Amar deep singh, my wife Karamjeet Kaur, our daughter Aman deep , sons Raman deep and Suman deep also doing ministry.  My mother language is Punjabi. I was sinner. I used to idol worship for salvation and peace. But not.... When I heard the Gospel, that time I was  working in Govt. Limited factory as Production Operator in Punjab. My friend Harmeet singh told me about Lord Jesus. I spoke many bad things to my friend and Lord Jesus also. I was against the Christians as Anti-Christ. But after 4-5 months Lord chosen me. I accepted the Lord Jesus on 13 Nov.1988. I received Holy Spirit on 21 Nov.1988  and water  Baptism on 30 Nov.1988. {My wife also} When I told my family about Jesus and me, they angered with me. I faced many opposition. I pray to Lord. Lord call me for HIS ministry. Then I resigned and started the ministry in 1990.


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